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    •  Open May 26th - Aug 22nd, or until sold out 
    • "Early Bird" Registration- $15 off (05/26 - 06/30) **We've extended this through the end of July!
    • Freshmen (1st - 2nd Grades)
    • Sophomores (3rd - 4th Grades)
    • Juniors (5th - 6th Grades)
    • Seniors (7th - 8th Grades) 
    • Begin September 12th
    • 5v5 game format
    • Location: Pleasant Grove HS (subject to change depending on availability)
    • Played Saturday late afternoons/early evenings
    • Begin the week of Aug 24th
    • Location: Determined by head coaches & will be in close proximity to the majority of the players on the roster. 
    • Practices will be held 1-2 times per week, no more than 2 hours per practice
  • COST
    • Freshmen - Seniors - $180 Regular Price
    • $15 Off "Early Bird" Special Runs Through June 30th
    • $10 off for the 2nd child registered (need to register at the same time as 1st child)
    • $15 off for the 3rd and each additional child registered (at the same time)
    •  We believe kids have more fun playing with their friends, so we allow friend requests (we encourage you to invite & play with your friends).
    • No draft process
    • Players can request to play with up to 3 friends without having to provide a coach. Friend requests of 4 or more will be accommodated as long as a coach is also provided for the team. 
    • Everyone plays, with coaches distributing playing time as evenly as possible. Rosters will be made up of 6-8 players
  • TEAM SPONSOR ($400) 
    • Every team is required to have a Team Sponsor.
    • The Team Sponsor requirement is met by finding a local business that is willing to sponsor your team for the season by donating $400. This helps keep registration costs down for each player. Most businesses are more than willing to donate to support their local youth. After you register, we will email you more details. 
    • Mouth Guard:
      • Every player is required to wear a mouth guard for practices and games. This will be strictly enforced.
      • A basic clear mouth guard can be purchased at the time of registration and will be delivered to the coaches prior to the first practice. 
      • You may also purchase your own mouth guard, just make sure you have it in time for the first practice.
      • We will have mouth guards available for purchase each week for any player that forgets their mouth guard on game day.
    • Cleats:
      • We encourage every player to wear plastic molded football, soccer cleats or baseball cleats.


  • Full refunds will be granted within 7 days of initially registering.
  • After 7 days and up to the refund deadline, credit will be given for a future season.
  • No refund requests after July 31, 2020.
  • Refund requests must be submitted to: with the subject "Refund Request- Players full name"

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  • As you know, our volunteer coaches play a huge role in making our seasons successful and making sure the kids have a great experience. Without our volunteer coaches, we wouldn't be able to run our league. We understand this can be a big undertaking for some, and we want to help incentivise those that do want to get involved. We appreciate you!
  • Head Coaches will receive 50% off registration as a first-time head coach. Every head coach returning for another season will then receive 100% off registration for any season they are a head coach. If a head coach moves to an assistant coach, they will receive 50% off every season as an assistant coach. 
  • Assistant Coaches will receive 25% off registration as a first-time assistant coach. Every season returning as an assistant coach they will receive 50% off. If an assistant coach moves to head coach they will receive 75% off registration for their first year as head coach and 100% off every season after as a head coach.  Each team will have a designated Head Coach and one designated main Assistant Coach. This applies for all main assistant coaches. 
  • Background Screening: All Head Coaches and main Assistant Coaches will have a background screening down at the cost of the league. The background has to be performed and cleared in order to coach our youth.
  • Training: First Down Flag Football will put each of our Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches through a certification process to assure they understand how to work with and coach up our young athletes. 

**Spring 2020 Season has been cancelled due to COVID-19**

Dear Players & Parents,

First Down Flag Football has been closely monitoring the situation surrounding the Coronavirus and our number one priority is the health and safety of our players and their families. Just like the NCAA, the state of Utah, and the Alpine School District have all had to face difficult decisions about the safety and well being of others, First Down Flag Football has been considering the best course of action for our league and upcoming Spring Season. 

As a result of recent events and increasing concerns, as well as strong encouragement from NFL Flag, we have decided to cancel the Spring Season of First Down Flag Football. This decision was not easy, but with the state mandate of limiting the size of public gatherings, the dismissal of schools, and so much uncertainty of what the next few months will look like, we felt it was best to move forward with this decision. 

We appreciate all the support we've received so far and we can't wait to get this thing started! Although we are extremely sad the Spring Season will not be taking place, we are excited about all the registrations that have been pouring in the last few months. We know this upcoming Fall Season is going to be a BLAST! We hope you all will be able to join us and will continue to spread the word. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you and stay safe!